Flippa.com Tips: How To Unlock Your Listing’s Potential


How do I promote my flippa.com listing?

Building and selling sites on websites such as flippa.com are a great way to use your web development skills to turn a profit.

But many times your listings can fall through the cracks even if you have a decent website to sell.

Here are some tips on how to increase the visibility and success of your listing to maximize profits.

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The Absolute Best Responsive WordPress Themes for 2012


A responsive theme is a template that moves and jives with all kinds of devices. Which in today’s world of tablets, Ipads, nooks and other gadgets it’s very important to have a high quality flexible theme. We’ve compiled the best ones here to save the hastle. They range from daily blogs to magazine style arrangements and many are SEO ready. But all are sure to fit the wide array of devices out there all while being immensely visually appealing.

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Amazon Affiliate Tips: Can you actually make money?

In this quick video I wanted to show you what it’s like in the real world to wake in the morning and check your earnings. Please subscribe to my channel to get more videos like this.


Good morning everyone this is Aaron from thelinkmedic.com and today I wanted to give you some Amazon affiliate marketing tips.

I get asked a lot on my blog can you actually make money being an Amazon affiliate marketer?

Yes, you can. It all depends on if you setup your blog correctly.

And also how much effort and time you put into it and by that I mean not just copying and pasting reviews from Amazon.

You have to make your own reviews and it definitely helps if you know the product or the niche already.

You have to have some kind of an idea of the products your promoting, this definitely helps.

I just wanted to give an example of this one blog that I have it took about three weeks to setup, and honestly I haven’t touched it since.

It makes anywhere from zero to one hundred dollars a day, a little bit more a little bit less on good days and bad days.

The point is you can make money, you can have something that generates money if you put a little bit of time into it and do it right the first time.

It pays to do your research first.

What’s cool about Amazon is, my blog is about shoes… but I don’t sell beard trimmers or shampoo, golf balls. But if they go to Amazon they have an entire 24 hour window to go on a shopping spree.

And you reap the benefits of that.

As you can see you don’t make a ton of money, even at 6% which is two percent more than the starting rate. But it really adds up once people start buying other things.

A lot of people do a lot of shopping on Amazon. So the trick is to get them to Amazon.

So I made $25 yesterday, just off of this one blog. Just for me doing nothing. And that’s pretty cool.

You can do that too, you just need to do your research and subcribe to this channel. Thanks.

Is Pinterest The Next Stumbleupon?


I have been spending a little bit of time on Pinterest during the last week, not because I really like the site (I have enough hobbies already!), but because where there are thousands of users, there is money to be made. This money doesn’t appear to be in the form of selling to users, but the traffic they can provide, and the spread of viral content, especially images.

With any website that grows larger than expected, there are opportunities for both links and marketing, Pinterest is no different. When Diggers were easily manipulated, I was force feeding them front page stories. When Stumbleupon could drive 10,000 visitors every hour, I had a team of people writing and designing graphics. In the last year I’ve turned to long term, more sustainable traffic generation methods, particularly organic SEO and my link building service.

The Pinterest Test

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on Pinterest if it was going to be a waste, but I also didn’t want to wait another 6 months to see who was monetizing this audience.

Test 1: You need followers, just follow a lot of people. I wrote a small bot in uBot Studio (fantastic if you don’t own it) that would go through a few lists and follow everyone on that list. The bot took me about 30 minutes to write and about an hour of tweaking and running lists through. In total my test account is following 1286 people. It’s been a week and I have 125 followers. That’s only about 10% follower to follow rate, not very good.

Test 2: Buy Pinterest followers. If you’re in need of Pinterest followers, another way would be to buy Pinterest followers. In my tests, this was a quick and easy way to get followers. If you’re building a long term brand and following, this will help. You’ll still need to have a plan to monetize.

Test 3: Pin funny pictures. I have an old site with funny Photoshop pictures that I haven’t touched in a few years. I pinned about 8 of the pictures on the site and did nothing. In the last week, I have received exactly 6 unique visitors from Pinterest. A few of my pins have been liked and repined, but nothing nearing viral by any stretch.

In conclusion, I know there is money to be made and visitors to be had from Pinterest, but it’s not for me. Was this test a waste? Definitely not, I spent at least a few hours thinking about Pinterest monetization and if I didn’t test it, I would still be wondering if I was missing out on a goldmine.

I still think Pinterest is a goldmine, I just don’t think I’m equipped with the right pick axe to harvest it.

Brandon Hopkins owns DiamondLinks.net a complete link building service. He provides consultations and suggestions at no charge and loves to discuss link building.

How To Change Your WordPress 404 To An Image


If your theme is worth it’s salt you should be able to edit it’s 404.php file to include a custom 404 image instead of a boring old text one. This is just another way of making your blog unique.

Place the following code in your 404.php before get_header():

// @version 2011.12.23
// matches 'img.png' and 'img.gif?hello=world'
if ( preg_match( '~\.(jpe?g|png|gif|svg|bmp)(\?.*)?$~i', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) )
    header( 'Content-Type: image/png' );
    locate_template( 'img/404.png', TRUE, TRUE );


Of course it would be really cool to come up with your own!